Our Team

Dean Sherzai MD, PhD, MPH, MAS

Dr. Dean Sherzai is a neurologist, scientist, author, and the co-director of Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University. He completed two fellowships at National Institutes of Health, and UC San Diego. He also has 2 masters degrees in clinical research and epidemiology, an executive leadership degree from Harvard Business School, and a PhD in Healthcare Leadership. In 2001, he founded and led the US-ARC (US-Afghanistan Reconstruction Council), an NGO dedicated to linking the desires and resources of the people in the United State who hoped to help heal a newly liberated Afghanistan. In 2002, he was asked by the World Bank to help lead their health delivery project in Afghanistan. While there, he was asked by President Karzai to become the Deputy Minister of Health and focused on bringing together all the stakeholders around the vision of rapid delivery of the basic package of health services and women’s empowerment. This process was deemed by LANCET as the most successful plan in any post-conflict county. This plan also helped empower more than 20,000 Afghan women by making them the only source of health care in the most remote of communities. In 2013, he helped create the Afghan Health Initiative in order to empower the Afghan diaspora with their own health. Currently, along with his wife Dr. Ayesha Sherzai, they are leading the largest community-based brain health initiative in the world through their online work in Brain Health Revolution.