Our Partners

Airbnb committed to housing over 20,000 Afghan refugees after briefings with on-the-ground organizations, including Restore Her Voice. To date, we have been able to provide free temporary housing to our leaders through our partnership with Airbnb.

Zappos welcomed our incredible leaders with generous gift cards to purchase garments and basic necessities in their first week in the United States. As these women arrived with only one backpack, these donations went farther than imaginable. Thank you, Zappos!
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Tally donated refurbished MacBook Pro laptops to the women in our program. These women desperately need access to laptops in order to own their paths to resettlement.

Through a partnership with Restore Her Voice and the Malala Fund, BetterHelp committed to providing 400+ months of free therapy to individuals displaced by the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Mental health is the foundation for stability, success and peace while these courageous individuals settle into a new life in the United States. Our leaders are grateful for the support. Learn more here.

Meta donated 50 refurbished MacBook Pro laptops to the Afghan women in our program. Aside from the connection that laptops provide, these women also need to apply for schools and jobs. Restore Her Voice has arranged for virtual English classes and virtual therapy sessions that these women cannot take advantage of until they have laptops of their own. 

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