My name is Attia. I am a writer, an activist, a thought-leader and the breadwinner of my family of nine. In addition to writing for several newspapers and publications, I commanded great social media presence and worked with the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission on a key initiative to support the victims of war in Afghanistan.

When the US-led peace talks with the Taliban began, my colleagues and I spearheaded two large-scale initiatives: First, we started the Feminine Perspectives Campaign, asking women throughout Afghanistan to demand their continued right to education, work and political engagement. My group compiled this written, audio and video content and broadcasted it on Facebook, Twitter, Afghanistan daily papers and other social media platforms. The campaign is still ongoing.

My peers and I also founded the Youth Contact Group for Peace, where we traveled to different provinces in Afghanistan to collect demands for the Afghan government, Taliban and international community from Afghan youth groups. We made great progress but regret that our voices were not heard on a larger scale. 

Today, I live in the United States and I know that it is my opportunity to continue to amplify the voices of Afghan women throughout Afghanistan and diaspora resettling in new host countries. I will continue to advocate for myself, my sisters, and every other human who has a basic right to dignity and freedom. 


My name is Negin and I am the first female conductor of the first all-female orchestra in Afghanistan.


My name is Helal. I am a 26-year-old Afghan woman from the Uzbek tribe who recently arrived in the United States.