Be A Lifeline For Women In Crisis
Your dependable support means that we can respond quickly and effectively to crisis situations — just like what is happening in Afghanistan — as soon as they arise.
Be A Lifeline For Women In Crisis
Your dependable support means that we can respond quickly and effectively to crisis situations — just like what is happening in Afghanistan — as soon as they arise.
Number Of Women Refugees World Wide Needing Our Help
Current Number Of Afghan Women Refugees In Dire Conditions
Women Evacuated During The Current Crisis

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What We Do

We work to empower post-conflict women to raise their voices on a global platform and ultimately advocate for millions of others who have been repeatedly silenced.

Phase One Response

Restore Her Voice donated funds to facilitate housing, basic needs, healthcare and more, placed incoming Afghan women in temporary housing through its partnership with Airbnb, arranged for longer-term stays with host families and utilized funds from private donors to secure one-year leases for these women in metropolitan apartments.

Phase Two Response

Restore Her Voice focuses on advancing “phase two” of resettlement by providing individualized resources and leadership training to female Leaders. This phase includes assisting with university admissions, developing career opportunities, creating mentorship relationships, and to date, sharing their stories and policy proposals to US senators, the Director of UN Women and a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Phase Three Response

Restore Her Voice is simultaneously developing a Leadership Training Program that engages top leaders in various fields including music, law, sciences, government and many more. We also aim to develop a program that will be widely available to incoming refugees at all stages of migration.

Our Commitment to Leadership

Following international efforts to evacuate high-risk women from conflict zones, Restore Her Voice has turned to the crucial step of empowering these newly displaced women and ensuring that they do not lose their passions and dreams in the process of resettlement. Since our inception, we have been connecting outstanding Afghan women to universities, healthcare institutions, political organizations, media institutes, art & music centers, and other personal development venues that will help them realize their long-term visions.

Our Focus


Our Leaders are some of the brightest minds in the world. Restore Her Voice helps translate these academic achievements by assisting with college admissions and enrolment in other specialized programs.

Talent Development

Restore Her Voice works with high-achieving women to identify their unique talents, connect them with appropriate advisors, and ultimately help them achieve their potential in a variety of fields including music, arts, sciences, journalism and the law.


We understand that well-rounded success requires a strong and caring support system. Restore Her Voice connects our Leaders with experts in a variety of fields who can provide individualized advice, resources and a listening ear.


Restore Her Voice helps courageous women share their stories and proposals in change-making environments, including to date, with senators, UN goodwill ambassadors and esteemed media platforms.


Restore Her Voice has formed powerful corporate partnerships to support resettlement in the United States. As an example, Airbnb has provided housing to our Leaders, Patagonia has supplied winter coats and boots, and BetterHelp has committed 400+ hours of free mental health services. We are leveraging our communities to provide the best resources to our network of incredible humans.

Leadership Development

Restore Her Voice works with leaders on an individualized basis to create paths to academic, social and occupational success. In addition, we are partnering with large organizations to create a Leadership Program focused on developing leaders in the fields of art, science, music, journalism, law, advocacy and more.

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